10 Reasons Small Businesses Need a Website in 2021

Well, we all know that 2020 was a year of advanced tech and automation. With all the COVID-19 Pandemic and others situations going on, everything is almost shut down physically, you can barely come in contact with almost everything physical, especially when you are not really sure of who they are or what it is. People are really afraid to go out. But, with the presence of your business online, you can provide your customers with whatever they need. From the Healthcare sector, Job portal, medical sector to on-demanding services, every sector is implementing an online tech solution and everything now is available online.

The website does not only just help small businesses to promote and sell their products/services, but it also allows them to distinguish themselves from their competitors, especially for customers who like making researches on the Internet to learn everything about a company. This makes a website one of the most resourceful business assets for sharing information, building credibility and standing out in crowded marketplaces.

Many business owners say they don’t have the necessary skills, time, or money to build a website. But a surprising number say that they really don’t have the need for a website in the first place, maybe because it’s not required or because they use social media instead. Well, that idea is rapidly changing though, especially as coronavirus makes in-person business more difficult.

So ask yourself, do I really need to have a website for my business?” of course, the answer is YES. You seriously need a website for your business, A GOOD ONE. An attractive, professionally designed, lead catching, sales booster and brand-differentiating website.

But, why do I really need a website for my business?

The reason behind having your Search Engine presence (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is because customer behaviour changes over time to adapt to modern technology, and customer behaviour has already changed to adapt to the digital age. Still don’t get it? Let me make it more clearly for you!

Let’s assume that a customer is searching for business-related needs, he/she is not going to go for a door to door inquiry. He/she is just going to type on their smartphone “ABCDE” services. And, ta-da… the search result takes the customer to another company. How does this happen?

The reason for this is quite very simple your business does not have any online presence. As I said above, user’s behaviour is changed and it’s tech-driven. Now, customers want everything at their fingertips.

From ice cream parlours, small cafes, start-up businesses (in any field), IT companies or even small-town electricians owns a website. And, why don’t you? I think that you got my point. Your website can be available 24/7/365 even when you are not, your website acts as your “always-on” advocate during and outside of business hours.

The case for having a website in today’s economy is very-very strong. Most businesses are still thinking of making plans to have a website by the end of the year. Are you part of this group? Check out 10 reasons why you should consider having a website for your business:


“Where is your official website?” Exactly the first question you hear when you tell people about your business. The truth is that people are becoming smarter these days. They think thoroughly before making any business decision.

Over 30% will not even consider a business if it doesn’t have any website. So, if you want people to think your business is credible, build a website. Only then they will take you seriously. If you carefully ponder about it, you would realize that they are not wrong. There are thousands of business owners out there which is exactly why they can’t go on trusting everyone and then regretting later on. At their place, you would’ve done the same.

You can establish the presence of your brand on social media, but you’re limited by the platform in terms of design, process and technology. A website can aid small businesses to increase in control, flexibility, credibility and branding. 84% of consumers believe that a business with a website is more trustworthy than the one with just a social media page. So, being credible and able to attract new customers, a website can make a difference.

2. Get More Customers

The success of an ongoing business most times rests on your company’s ability to bring in new clients. Reaching lots of people using only traditional means of marketing like direct mail or print advertising can be very expensive and unreliable. Setting up online enables you to reach thousands of people locally or outside of your region while paying less for the exposure where you also have the ability to measure the specific results. In fact, 77%of U.S. small businesses say a website is a great way to finding new customers.

Sometimes, it’s not all about gaining new customers, you can use a website to serve existing customers better. The ability to always update information 24/7 on the Internet improves customer communication while freeing up time to focus on other business priorities. And with the help of a branded email, you can begin email marketing, driving traffic back to your on and offline sites and boosting customer loyalty with your brand.

3. You Can Showcase Your Products/Services the Best Way Possible

Presentation plays a vital role especially if you want people to buy your products or services. This is important if you are a start-up where every customer matters.

In that case, it’s also important that we display our expertise in the best way possible, and having a website can help in doing that. It gives you creative freedom. You can showcase your products/services the way you want but it is best if you can use beautiful images, short video tutorials, and downloadable PDF instructions then the sky is the limit to what you can do.

Trust me, this can help customers have what they are looking for so they remain hooked and go nowhere else to purchase. In the end, it helps you in establishing a loyal customer base.

4. You Can Strategically Target Your Customers through a Website

Another good reason for having a website is that you do not only get people to visit your website but also keep track of following key performance metrics using tracking tools.

Such metrics include:

  • The number of people that visit your website (regular visitors).
  • The number of people who visit your website just once (unique visitors).
  • How many times a user reads or visits a page (Page viewers or impressions).
  • The people who left without even reading the page they landed on (bounce rate).
  • For how long do people who visit stay on your website content (average time on site)

All these statistics can help you find out how you can strategically target your customers. You can find out what kind of content users like and how you can improve the user experience so that they stay longer. As a result of this, your website will become better and more people will visit too. So, you should pay attention to having a good website.

5. You Can Sell Products Online

Online sales were gradually rising even before COVID-19 kept everyone stuck at home. And these trends are highly considered to continue after businesses re-open to customers. So if you still don’t consider yourself as an “e-commerce” business, you can still use an online store to benefit your offline business.

Also, it can efficiently boost your income when you’re closed in person and attract new customers who will now be able to find your services and products via Google and other search engines.

And, if you don’t want to deal with the headache of shipping, you can use a logistics companies, makeup provision for a delivery agent or a dispatcher so that customers can buy your products online and have them delivered.

6. A Website Makes Your Brand More Visible

There is a beautiful restaurant close to my house. The food is delicious, the service is incredible, and the variety is so wide that you can find just about everything you want to eat. Despite this, the restaurant has very few visitors. But each time I pass by, I only get to see just 7–8 people sitting there and enjoying the food.


Not many people know about it. Not that it’s the only restaurant in the city, there are several others too and some of them have even built a brand and as a result of this, they have been able to acquire more customers despite having average services and average quality food.

The advantage of having a website is that it helps your brand expand. The truth is that a brand without a website is like a small restaurant with few customers. No matter how good the products you sell, how efficient services you offer — many people will still not be able to know about it. So, if you want your brand to grow and people to know about your business, hire a web designer to build a website. You will marvel at how significantly you have been able to boost your sales and acquire more customers.

7. Business with a Website Are Easily Accessible

One of the main reason why a business needs a website is that, when it comes to purchasing a product or service, most people prefer an easily accessible business and can be reached whenever they want.

Now, when it comes to engaging with a business, over 63% of customers use a company’s official website.

The reason behind this is that a website is where they can find almost everything about your business, i.e., who you are, what services you sell, and how they can contact you.

Also, having an official website makes you available 24/7. As a result, they can reach out to you from anywhere, at any hour of the day.

8. You Can Benefit From Google Searches

Having a website can also make it easy for clients to find you through Google’s search listings. One thing you might be thinking is:

How does it matter?

Here’s how:

Back in the old days, if clients had business to do with a company, they used to do a detailed background check and contact every previous client to ask about you. Once they are satisfied with the feedbacks, they move ahead.

But times have changed. Clients have become smart. They no longer do waste time doing it the old ways running background checks. Instead, they prefer searching on Google. In fact, this is the first thing they’ll certainly do after they hear the name of your brand. So if you have a website and have done a proper SEO, it will come in the top searches of Google and people will be able to find you by using other related keywords to your business. This makes you more popular among your competitors as more people are willing to do business with you.

So, if you want your start-up brand to become famous and clients can easily find you on Google, have a website. The decision will surprisingly benefit you in the long run.

9. A Website Is an Important Part of Online Marketing

We all know that traditional forms of marketing can be so hectic and time-consuming like the print release, print ads, and flyers are. They cost you so much fortune and demand a lot of effort. But still, the results are nothing to write about. Online marketing on the other hand is less expensive and far more effective. Online marketing can get you more results with less hard work, and hence is a much better alternative if you want to get things done faster.

A website can serve as the final destination where you will be interacting with your customers from different channels like Social media, blogging, email marketing, and video channels. These figures can prove how effective these different mediums of online marketing can be:

  • Over 2.34 billion (67%) people are active on social media every day
  • Companies that frequently blogged up to 16 times a month received 4.5 times more leads than those that don’t
  • Email marketing is more effective in acquiring customers than any other social media channel by 40%
  • Can increase conversion rates by 80% on videos on the landing page.

So, if you really want to get the best out of online marketing, having a website is a must for your business.

10. Gain Competitive Advantage

The recently published report shows that 93% of U.S. based consumers browse the Internet for research before they make a purchase. Consumers like being informed about their purchasing decisions — what they buy and from whom they buy. Without a website, you risk losing customers to competitors already taking advantage of the online marketplace. If you’re in the same competition with other business that has a website, your competitor has a clear advantage — especially if they are effectively marketing their website. A website can help level the playing field.

Surveyed by Verisign confirms 84% of U.S. small business said that their website is important or critical to their business. More than half of U.S small business owners don’t even have a website, so there is no time like now to establish your business website and get ahead of the competition.

You are not alone in the market, there are already thousands of companies selling the same products and services that you are going to sell, and most of them would have also been having their own websites. They seemed to be more of an advantage in the market, they have already built an initial level of trust with the audience, they are showcasing their products/services in the best way possible, remember they also get to benefit from Google searches.

Considering all the previously discussed points from this blog, and imagine your competitors are already in a beneficial position, the question is:

How would you beat them?

First, you need to get a web design services company and have a website. By not building an online presence, you are already giving them the advantage to dominate the market. No doubt there are some other ways. Trends change, too. If you have more customers on Instagram today, consider the fact that they can be on a new platform tomorrow. As people switch from one tool to another, your website acts as an anchor. No matter the social media service customers prefer, they can always find your website in the same place, available to everyone.

You can contact a dedicated marketing team and spend a heavy budget on promotions and ad campaigns, but that will only result in more efforts and increased costs when you can have a professional website designed in almost half the budget. Also, if you have a website, you stand a chance to make researches and incorporate elements that your competitors are missing. You can benefit from their weaknesses by having a website.

If you want a high-converting website built for your business in 14days to less, contact my team via this link and we will hook you up with one ASAP.

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